Saturday, 14 October 2017

Harvest Moon Festival

The Harvest Moon Festival is a magical outdoor festival dedicated to bringing people together in celebration of nature and spiritual wellness.  There was also music and food for all to enjoy.

It is held outside at a property on Lamb's Pond just north of Brockville.  The workshops available included yoga, drumming circle, massage, Reiki to name but a few.   The owners of the property also host weddings and other events to encourage  people to enjoy the scenery.

This year I was invited to take part as a vendor with my Artful Dragon Studio jewelry.  But I thought it might be good to add a little something and so took three of my harps along for people to try.  

Phil and I often hear people comment at our musical gigs that it is the first time they have seen a harp in real life.  So here was their opportunity - and a lot of people took advantage of the offer.

It was a great day and the funny moment was, that there was a yoga class going on behind my tent and so while that was in progress I thought I would just noodle quietly on the harp so as not to disturb anyone.  Well, after the class ended, two ladies came over and thanked me for the perfect music to go with their class.  I hadn't a clue they could hear me!!!

Congratulations to the organizers and the owner's of Lamb's Pond - it was outstanding.

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