Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Harping On!

Hi everyone.

Since my last harp post, my inventory of harps has changed a bit.  After really thinking about the number of harps I have accumulated and how much time there was left in the day to play, I decided it was time to send a couple of them on a new adventure with new owners.

We said goodbye to my Avalon Lap Harp from Triplett Harps.

Also, it was time for the Kortier Acoustic Electric to move on.

This was good, as I still had my Triplett Signature, Selina Pedal Harp and the Triplett Wire harp.  But then we found a harp for sale that I just couldn't resist and so we are back up to four harps.  It is a Troubadour lever harp from Lyon and Healey and is the same harp that set me on the road to wanting to learn the harp years ago.  (Will post photo soon).   It was played on the CD by Loreena McKennitt that we bought back on a visit to Lake Placid.  We were also lucky enough to see Loreena in concert last Fall and the show was just amazing.

I love the shape of the Troubadour and that the strings are spaced the same as the pedal harp and so it is easier to switch between the two.

Harpeggia has played a couple of gigs for charity this year and will be playing another one in September for our local Palliative Care Golf Tournament.  Always a fun gig.

I am now trying not to look at harps for sale and I know I have plenty to choose from in my own home.  Wish me luck with my progress.

Harp On!

The Artful Dragon Changes Direction!

Christmas 2014 brought a new challenge for The Artful Dragon.  I was looking to create a new Collection for my Studio and after a lot of research, decided on adding some fused, dichroic glass jewelry.  Never worked with glass before, but I already had a kiln for my fine silver work and so the outlay would be in the glass required.

So, I sourced out some glass locally and set about trying my hand at fusing glass.  The new process I had to learn was involved, but fun and I liked the fact that I really wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out until I opened the kiln door after the last firing.

Have to admit to many cuts on my hands, a few were quite deep, but I think that is a given with glass.  A large supply of band aids required!!!

The dichroic pieces I began to make were coming out quite well and so I forged ahead with some new ideas.  These pieces make up the Collection – “Artful Glass”.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I also managed to catch the flu, have a sinus infection, as well as bronchitus and then an infected tooth.  This meant lots of time indoors resting.  Well, resting could also be working in my studio, I thought!  

When March came around I was beginning to feel better and began some new glass processes, which I really enjoy.  I have called this Collection “GlassScapes”, as they are more scenary than just colours.  They combine layers of fusible glass and dichroic glass, cut and put together in layers.  The layers are fired each time one layer is complete, with a final firing time of approximately 45-50 hours for each piece, as well as grinding and polishing.  These are definitely my favourite to work on, as you really have no idea what they will look like until the final firing is complete.  It’s Christmas every time you open the kiln door.  Each firing also takes a long time to cool down and, did I mention, I’m not a patient person!

My head is buzzing with more ideas, so I had better sign off and get to work.

Please check them out on my Flickr page here.

Keep on creating!