Monday, 6 November 2017

Fate Takes a Hand...

Note:  This was originally written just before my Before the Rush Show.

May I suggest that if you have not already read my last post entitled "A New Harp Journey" that you read that before reading this one - it might make more sense that way!

So, here I was with my Marion 34 Double Strung harp newly repaired, renovated and ready to be played (apart from some strings that were broken and we had ordered).  Last Monday Phil told me that he had found a double strung Eve 22 harp in Ontario within easy reach.  We had originally talked about buying an Eve harp kit and he would build this over the winter.  This one was only five months old and had a padded case and Truitt levers on F strings and one on the G above middle C.

It's amazing how there are none anywhere and when you least expect it, up pops exactly what you are looking for!

Early Tuesday morning Phil hit the road and late afternoon arrived home with the new addition to our harp family - Eve.  What a beautiful little harp she is and also has a very lovely voice for such a small harp.  Here is Carolyn Deal playing an identical Eve - click here.

I have not had much time to play Eve yet as we have been working hard preparing for my biggest Artisan Show of the year starting Friday October 27, 2017 for three days - "Before the Rush" at The Ivy Resort in Ivy Lea.  However, when we set up this morning, I included Eve as a part of my display alongside our CDs we have for sale.

Now I have two double strung harps and will embark on learning how to play them both over the winter months, when there are no shows and the snow lays deep on the ground.  

Wish me luck!!